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We do not require equipment to be purchased, however many swimmers find they greatly benefit from having various training aids and we definitely encourage you to check these items out and consider them. Links are provided for convenience, but you can get these items elsewhere and may want look around for great deals, as well as find similar products that may interest you. If you have any questions about equipment, the coaches will be happy to discuss with you.

Fins - ***If you're going to get any pieces of equipment, these are the ones to get!*** They help teach proper kick motion. Swimmers will get to use them often, and they are fun to wear when playing in the pool too! The rubbery, flexible type are best.

Pull buoy - These are used for focusing on the pulling part of the stroke, as a swimmer wears them between the legs and does not kick. Another frequently used item. The team has some on hand, but many swimmers prefer to have their own.

Kickboard - These are used to help develop a strong kick and are used frequently. The team provides these, but many swimmers prefer to have their own.

Hand paddles - The Finis Agility paddles can work wonders with technique- hand position during the pool in particular. For sizing of agility paddles, small hands/10 and under generally use the small size. Older children/teens may want medium size. The large size best fits HS age boys generally.

Snorkel - Using a snorkel such as the Michael Phelps Focus model (front mounted, designed for competitive swimming and different than regular snorkeling-type snorkels) can help correct head and body position in strokes, because it allows them to just worry about their body position and not the breathing motions.

This blogĀ onĀ summer league swim gear can be a handy reference for the brand new swim parent.

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